Wi-Fi Traffic Optimization

As a mobile data operator, it's often absolutely necessary to offload data traffic from the 3G and LTE networks to a more cost effective Wi-Fi network. This is especially true for highly congested areas such as airports, train stations and stadiums. Cost savings and overall better service to the customers are often the main drivers for incorporating these Wi-Fi networks.

But, Wi-Fi networks not managed by an intelligent traffic optimization solution often fail to deliver on the promise of lower costs and better experience when Torrent downloads, Windows and Mac OS updates or similar high bandwidth services create overload scenarios.

Additionally, most Wi-Fi networks don't have the ability to implement and enforce service differentiation that would help create new revenue streams and better user experience for those willing to pay a bit extra.

What you can expect

The Solution

Clavister Wi-Fi Traffic Optimization solution ensures that you stay in control of your network and initiates the potential for new revenue streams; for example VIP services and offerings. Our solution is a highly scalable, can be intergrated quickly and effectively, all the while providing great performance. 

Features and Capabilities


  • Tailored to fit—almost any network

    Integrates smoothly into almost any network as you don’t need to rebuild the typology of the network or the authentication process you have in play: Clavister's turnkey solution means hassle-free deployment with minimal effort or risk of disturbance to daily operations. 

  • Cost effective—A smart investment

    By ensuring that bandwidth is allocated in an intelligent way, a smooth and uninterrupted service is rendered. With a Wi-Fi node’s cost at high traffic areas being a fraction of a 4G’s—and with greater flexibility and scalability—Clavister is an essential and ROI driven part of the mix. 

  • Brings back profit to the game with revenue opportunities

    By controlling the traffic on the Wi-Fi network to differentiate bandwidth based on subscription type, you'll get rewarded twice. Not only will you get new revenues from premium users but you'll actually make the Quality of Experience better for everyone.