Application Visibility & Control

Clavister Web Content Blocking Application Visibility & Control

Control applications and user behaviour

Enterprise IT administrators need to control the usage of their network to ensure it’s used for business applications. Some of these applications may even deserve priority while others should be pro-actively blocked—as they are known to carry higher risks and compromise security. An example is BitTorrent clients for peer- to-peer file downloading or Tor, an application to browse the dark-web and commonly used by malware to exfiltrate data from your network. Another example is unauthorized excessive usage of server resources for BitCoin mining, spiking up companies electricity bill. These applications should be blocked.

Not all traffic is web traffic—a lot of traffic runs on separate ports and uses custom protocols to communicate with it’s servers and peers. Therefor an Application Identification (also called Deep Packet Inspection/DPI) engine is required to detect the application or service accurately. An application like WebEx and Skype can be identified and it’s traffic can be prioritized to aid in the quality of the conversations. Application control is essential to improve the user’s experience.


To manage in a controlled way the traffic from your users, Clavister’s Next Generation Firewall includes provides the world’s best deep packet inspection technology to do application identification. In addition, Clavister has classified each application with a risk level from very low to very high, making configuration of blocking risky applications a breeze.


Best of breed by ENEA / Qosmos

Clavister integrates Qosmos’ ixEngine by ENEA who leads the market for IP traffic classification and network intelligence technology. Just like finding a birch tree in a pine forest based on the trees characteristics, Qosmos identifies 3000+ unique applications out of network traffic. The definitions are updated continuously with every release of our software scheduled on a monthly basis. For more information visit


Internet of Things (IoT)

Specifically for IoT devices, application visibility provides the perfect means to control what the devices are doing. With advanced policies you can restrict them only to be allowed to do what they are support to do on the network. So that even if an IoT device is hacked it cannot be used as a springboard to reach other resources.


When implemented the results will not only avoid embarrassing situations but also help increase productivity to secure that business resources are used for the right purposes.

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