Advanced Threat Protection

Clavister Advanced Threat Protection Advanced Threat Protection

Integrated Intrusion Prevention System with antivirus & malware screening

Hackers with malicious intent will try to send pieces of code or links through the firewall in order to persuade the users to create a pinhole from the inside. This often enables hackers to take control of a piece of the user’s equipment and provides the them with a platform to explore the digital assets inside your company. Attacks are often very well covered and even the most careful user can make the mistake to aid the hacker—unintendedly.


Next Generation Firewalls provide integrated threat protection in several forms. Untrusted traffic can be scanned for viruses and malware based on multiple signature databases, artificial Intelligence and behavior detection. All email and web traffic specifically gets thoroughly screened for known threats or suspicious behaviour. For example attachments must be screened as well as links in emails checked if their destination is the same as the domain the mail is send from.

IP addresses are unique and information about their reputation of how trusted they are is collected centrally. Based on this reputation the Next Generation Firewall can add policies to block traffic to less reputable sites—or provide additional content screening to risky areas on the internet.


With a Next Generation Firewall from Clavister in place you protect your network and users from hackers and intruders. Malicious content will be stopped and traffic from sites with questionable reputation can be avoided. Users can focus adding value to the business and stop worrying about suspicious looking emails and web content.

The Webroot 2017 Annual Threat Report presents analysis and threat findings:

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