5G Security

The journey to 5G security has started while at the same time operators are struggling to keep up securing 4G and legacy networks.

With one vendor independent solution covering both 4G and 5G networks, security is provided from the edge via the core and all the way to internet or other operator networks. Inside the network, nodes and management access is secured through network segmentation, VPN and MFA, also limiting the impact of a potential breach.

Tier 1 operators around the world trust Clavister with their security and appreciate the extreme performance at the core and resource efficiency at the edge. Operational costs are kept down thanks to simple integration into the operators existing environment with orchestration, automation and analytics.

Solutions can be deployed as virtual or bare metal and operators can leverage Clavisters expertise as a trusted Swedish security vendor through our highly valued professional services.

Elastic Secure SD-WAN

Critical business applications are moving to the cloud while Remote working is the new standard heavily accelerated by COVID. At the same time with digitalization the need for sophisticated security use-cases increases and the market experiences a massive security skill gap. The result? companies are under-protected!

“The Future of Network Security is in the Cloud”

With Elastic Secure SD-WAN build on Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) architecture Clavister offers advanced security use-cases as a service. Specifically made for Public Sectors and small & medium business it empowers with technology previously typically in-accessible to these customers, without the complexity to understand or run them.




Understanding the benefits of a hybrid-cloud SD-WAN stragety


Cyber Armor

Traditional armor is no longer enough since technology advancements has reached the point where vehicles could be taken out by cyber attacks. Each vehicle needs Cyber Armor, and it can be embedded from the factory or added as part of an upgrade.

Clavister’s Cyber Armor solution offers improved vehicle survivability with protection against cyber attacks through wireless connectivity, maintenance, supply chain, tampering and more. With military grade security gateways for in-vehicle deployment networks are segmented and scanned, separating components and only allowing authorized communication.

Clavister offers a full solution for long lasting partnerships which includes cybersecurity expert services from the requirement phase and throughout the complete system lifecycle.


securely connecting sites to each other and to the internet with focus on security and reliability.


to provide inspecting of traffic and behaviour for threats in order to protect your digital assets.



to take pro-active action and take preventative measures reducing the risk of users making mistakes putting your business at risk.