In times of COVID-19 connect and protect your business and employees securely – here is how



Education & Public Sector

New networking technologies like e­-learning, online collaboration and new types of connected devices have — in many educational institutions — improved the learning experience. But with these new technologies and ever ­increasing numbers of devices comes the need to scale their networks for access while providing additional security to protect sensitive systems and information. Clavister provides a range of security solutions for the public sector as well as for schools and higher education.  > learn more

Secure Identity Validation

Preventative security measures securing the identity of the end-user through secure authentication. > learn more

Internet Content Control

Responsible web-access in public places and schools. > learn more

Retail & Distributed Offices

Fierce competition during the last two decades has forced retail companies to evolve and re­invent themselves. A modern retailer is heavily relying on IT in order to reach their goals of operational efficiency, lowered costs and better customer experience. Although IT does a fantastic job at all these points it also leaves the companies vulnerable to security breaches that threatens their profit and even valuation on the stock market. With more in­store technology like Wi­Fi­based Point­of­Sale terminals, complimentary Wi­Fi access for customers, Smart Beacons, self­service checkouts, in­store advertisement screens and internal administrative networks, the complexity is only increasing. > learn more

Secure SD-WAN

Optimise business connectivity and security across multi-site locations. > learn more

Business Traffic Optimisation

Secure corporate resource usage and manage employee time. > learn more

Micro Segmentation

Protecting the Cloud and Datacentre Infrastructure from external threats. > learn more

End User Protection

Protect corporate end users both in the office and on the road. > learn more

Industrial IoT & Transportation

The Internet of Things (IoT) is being hailed as one of the most disruptive trends in modern history; certainly a transformative way to conduct out physical life. Media and technology companies talk about everything from augmented reality in shopping malls, the current wave biometric health scanners that sync to our fitness devices to smart buildings and even the adaptive robots in something called Industrialization 4.0. We’re connecting in ways as never before through devices we never thought as communication portals (cars, light bulbs, security cameras, pacemakers, wind mills etc). > learn more

OT Micro Segmentation

Bridging Operaitonal Technology (OT) with Information Technology (IT) networks for efficiency benefits. > learn more

Remote Data Collection & Control

Secure vendor acceess enabling predictive maintenance. > learn more

Critical Infrastructure

Running critical infrastructure used to be easy and straightforward. In today’s connected world, however, what used to be isolated and proprietary control systems are now part of general, often open and unsecured IP networks. Although this transformation offers great improvements in efficiency, it also introduces new and very serious threats. > learn more

Secure Site Communications

Remote Sensor Data Collection. > learn more

Protection of Legacy Systems

Secure corporate resource usage and manage employee time. > learn more

Communication Service Providers

The Clavister Security VNF (Virtualized Network Function) for telecom networks uniquely combines high-performance, scalability and carrier-grade features.
Leveraging the benefits of SDN (Software Defined Networks) and NFV (Network Functions Virtualizations), communication service providers are estimated to reduce operational costs (Opex) with 60% and Capital investment costs (CapEx) with 40%. > learn more

Protect WiFi Network Operations

Secure and Control Public Network Access Availibility. > learn more

SGi/Gi Firewalling – Core Security

 Protecting the core network for mobile and fixed service providers. > learn more

Backhaul Security Gateway

Secure links between the access and core network. > learn more

Service Domain Security

Protect business critical systems within the core network. > learn moree

Border Gateway Roaming Security

Protect the connections from other operators. > learn more

5G Edge Security

Enabling Low Latency Communications Securely. > learn more