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Clavister releases InControl 2.10.00 in Time for Christmas

The latest release of the management software allows new features like Scheduled Upgrade Jobs to help implement better cybersecurity, a welcome Xmas gift for IT administrators using Clavister NetWall products.[…]

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Clavister extends Clavister NetEye product line With NetEye 6200

Clavister’s newest offering helps enterprises with fewer end users achieve efficient inspection of encrypted traffic with an on-premise appliance. This enables Advanced Threat Protection on secured traffic, complementarily to any[…]

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New Clavister InControl 2.04.00 and Clavister cOS Core 13.00.00 Releases including Proxy Support, Security Zones and more…

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, Nov 20, 2019. Clavister AB, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announced the release of Clavister InControl 2.04.00 and Clavister cOS Core 13.00.00. These are two feature[…]

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