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Clavister InControl

Provides easy and secure login for your users

Manage all your Clavister NetWall firewalls centrally

For enterprise customers and hosting providers, the challenge of managing security in large installations requires an easy-to-use, centralized and scalable security management solution.

Clavister InControl Overview

Clavister InControl is our premium centralized management system built to handle thousands of Clavister Next-Generation Firewalls in large networks.

Built-in AAA (Authentication, Authorization and Audit) functionality alongside delegated management provide a secure, multi-user environment with multi-tenancy support.

With integrated support for reporting, version control, zero touch provisioning and real-time monitoring makes Clavister InControl centralized management system the ideal solution for large enterprises and service providers.

Things we are great at

Keep It Under Control

A key aspect of security management is to be in control of changes and have the ability to determine who, what and when changes occurred in the system configuration. Clavister InControl has a sophisticated mechanism for dealing with user permissions, revisions, difference analysis and configuration management. This enables administrators to have full control of all aspects of what is deployed, where and by whom.

– Simple and Powerful tools for analyzing configuration files
– Check-In/Check-Out configuration files to ensure integrity
– Delegated management with advanced rights and privilege settings
– Audit trail log information


The ability to share system data, such as Traffic Summary or Weekly Application Usage as reports with other organizational units is as important as collecting the data. Clavister InControl makes it easy to output reports in both HTML and PDF format for easy distribution to interested parties. The Report subsystem builds on the powerful Log Analyzer, the Log Query Language (LQL) and the cube support.

– Create powerful reports in HTML and PDF
– Wide range of pre-defined reports
– Auto-generate and include graphical data charts, such as pie charts and bar charts
– Customize graphical design and logotypes

Real-Time View of Your Network

Any security network administrator knows that it is vital to quickly get a full view of what is going on in the network. But it is equally important not to get overwhelmed by too much information. The good thing is that administrators can design exactly what they need to monitor. Clavister InControl offer the ability to create their own real-time monitor dashboards, including gauges and aggregated data controls.

– Design personal dashboard
– Various types of control, such as gauges, lists and charts
– Connect any type of real-time value

Analyze and Improve

Real-time monitoring is an important aspect for efficient network security management, but it is just a snapshot in time. To be able to do deep analysis and share information with others, a comprehensive analysis and reporting framework must be in place. Clavister InControl supports both.

The Clavister InControl Logging Agent (ILA) offers a distributed data collection environment. Using the data collected administrators can analyze events using the Log Explorer. This allows administrators to display, filter and query data using the Log Query Language (LQL). For an even more advanced application, they can use the Log Analyzer with full support for cube data.

The Log Analyzer queries can be saved and later re-used in the Reporting section.

– Distributed log collection environment
– Powerful Log Explorer with support for Log Query Language (LQL)
– Advanced Log Analyzer with cube support

Integrate – API/SDK

Clavister InControl offers an extensive API and related Software Development Kit (SDK) that enables you to develop custom solutions or deep integration with backend systems and third-party products. This makes it easy to align network security with your IT/IS processes. Clavister InControl API/SDK has full access to all Clavister InControl Server functionalities, which enables you to build feature-rich solutions. The SDK supports both Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) and SOAP, and comes with developer documentation and code examples to accelerate your development

– Secure communication between InControl and 3rd party systems
– Secure communication between InControl and Clavister security devices
– Standardized SOAP/WCF API
– Software Development Kit to help get started and reduce development lead time
– Overall improved security and reduced costs thanks to simple integration with other provisioning tools


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