Large Enterprise

Shackling Security Siloes

Large enterprises often invest in various different security solutions, however these solutions can create siloes and a false sense of security coverage. Consolidation and central management of security tools is important to understand and improve current security posture. 

Business Challenge

Converging Network and Identity

Complicated and interconnected networks, use of cloud services and flexible hybrid working constitute modern cyber security challenges for large enterprises. Additionally, businesses must train their staff on cyber security best practices, regularly review their security measures, and invest in layered cyber security defense like  MFA and dual firewalls. Clavister provides unique European solutions combining identity and network security, enabling encrypted wide area networks and protecting resources inside public and private cloud datacentres.

In 2022, large enterprises are predicted to experience an average of 50,000 cyberattacks per day. This is a significant increase from 2021, when enterprises experienced an average of 42,000 cyberattacks per day. The average cost of a successful cyberattack for large enterprises is predicted to be $2.6 million.

Cybersecurity for Large Enterprise

Clavister cyber security solutions span from network security, Secure SD-WAN to Identity & Access Management (IAM).



Clavister’s NGFWs provide a unique European layer of perimeter security complementing any existing setup


IT/OT Security

Integrated solutions for network segmentation and identity management for comprehensive IT/OT security 



Scalable, carrier-grade network security to protect critical IT systems from both threats and overload scenarios

Market Survey: New Era of European Cyber Security

59% of organisations surveyed is activly considering adding a second layer of cyber security (e.g. dual firewalls) to improve risk coverage. 
Over half of companies felt that it was important to them to have cyber security produced in Europe.

NetShield 6000 Series
Featured Product

HQ and Datacentre Security

Specialised scalable network security for datacentres and large sites. Our Next-Generation Firewalls offer high-capacity protection for data centres and service providers. Equipped with scalability, availability, and high-performance features, these high-end NGFWs are designed to meet the security requirements of hybrid networks. Performance and capacity have been verified by leading testing laboratories.

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Solutions for Large Enteprises

Different industry use-cases that Clavister provides cyber security solutions for:

Secure SD-WAN & Secure Remote Working

A broad range of NGFW products designed to provide security coverage for all your users and devices including cloud applications, hybrid workers and BYOD devices. Putting you in control at all times.

Identity & Access Management

Manage and secure your identities in a simple way using MFA and Passwordless and you will never go back. Automate provisioning of your identities and delegate parts of the management of the directory.

Clavister is headquartered in Sweden and we comply with Swedish and European laws to adhere to a strict ‘No Backdoors’ policy. All Clavister products and solutions are developed from the ground-up in Europe with in-house technology or fully secure external sources.

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