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Origin of Cyber Security 

Cyber security is at the heart of securing our virtual world. Protecting our personal and business data is an important aspect of safeguarding our citizens, businesses, public sector organisations, governments and societies. It’s no surprise that countries recognise cyber security as strategically important. US, Israel and UK can now boast of well developed cyber security clusters and cyber exports, while in Europe, cyber security is still nascent in terms of sector maturity and investments.

We are seeing seisemic shifts in global power and geo-political dynamics, for example, US-China technological ‘decoupling’, Russia waging war against Europe by invading Ukraine and US introducing new bills to invest billions in homegrown technology developments. In these scenarios, to make sure that Europe has access to trusted products and services, cyber security made in Europe needs be a key priority. 

Building trust in the European cyber security space is important!

Cyber Security Market Survey 2023: New Era of European Cyber Security

Clavister’s latest 2023 Cyber Security Market Survey explores the new European cyber landscape.


Cyber Security Made in Europe

Clavister has been serving and protecting the European critical businesses from over 25 years. Founded and headquartered in Sweden, Clavister brings the best of European innovation and service to enterprises, public bodies and service providers. At Clavister we believe in the value the CYBERSECURITY MADE IN EUROPE brings to our business and that it will help our customers to make better decisions.

Clavister received the “Cybersecurity Made in Europe” label from ECSO in 2020, as one of the first companies.

The Cybersecurity Made in Europe, is an initiative that was launched by European Cyber Security Organisation (ECSO) in 2020. A label was created to recognise and reward European Cybersecurity products and services that meet the highest security standards. This criteria is based on the European Union’s Cybersecurity Act, which sets out the new European Union cybersecurity framework. The label is also meant to encourage European companies to develop and market their own security solutions, rather than relying on solutions from outside of Europe. All products and services that receive the label must meet the ECSO’s criteria of security, privacy, resilience, and trustworthiness.

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Clavister and European Cyber Security Collaborations

We are currently working on different cyber security research projects as part of larger European consortiums

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Making Power Grid Safer

Clavister is part of Swedish consortium to provode AI-based cyber security cybersecurity capability to create more secure networks for the European energy sector

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Securing Satellite Communication

Clavister is working with Swedish Armed Forces to provide specialised cyber security technology that will enable military organisations to detect disturbances in satellite communications.

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Securing Unmanned Ground Vehicles

Clavister is part of the ‘COMMANDS’ project consortium for European Defence Fund (EDF), focused on cyber security for unmanned ground vehicle technologies. 

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