Military-grade Cyber Resilience for European Defence

Industry Challenge

Cyber Security is an Essential Part of Collective Defence

There is a common sense of urgency in the EU to build a stronger European defence spanning land, sea, air, space and cyber domains. Military platforms and weapon systems are increasingly digital and connected, which makes them more targeted and effective but also more vulnerable for cyber attacks. Changing geo-political landscape and the scale of cyber threats coming over the horizon means that strengthening cyber defence becomes a priority for NATO and allied forces.

Military cyber spend is forecasted to touch €30 billion by 2028

(Source: Fortune Business Insights)

Clavister for Defence

Adding cyber security as an afterthought is not sufficient anymore, it needs to be embedded as ‘secure by design’ and be able to cover both IT and OT security aspects. Clavister is actively working with defence forces and allies to provide cyber security solutions developed especially to secure military platforms and equipment.


European Centre of Excellence

25 years of Swedish Innovation
Cyber Security made in Europe


Military Grade

Trusted by NATO and allied forces
Research programs with leading defence vendors


Adaptive Security

AI-based self-learning
Coverage for entire lifespan of military vehicles

Clavister Cyber Security Solutions for Defence

Explore Clavister’s broad portfolio of solutions and products, especially designed and developed for the defence sector.

Solution in Focus for Defence

Cyber Armour for Military Platforms

Clavister Cyber Armour is the embedded AI-based cyber security solution for defence platforms and military vehicles. It is a bespoke, future-ready security solution for military platforms that can cover their whole lifespan.

Cyber Armour is already used for in-vehicle security and cyber hardening by our long-term partner, BAE Systems Hagglunds, for their flagship Infantry Fighting Vehicle (IFV) – CV90. Cyber Armour has been a result of close collaboration between the two companies looking for ways to tackle cyber threats for the defence domain.


Clavister Expert for Defence

“Europe is on a high alert where cyber threats are concerned but there are big gaps in the defence cyber coverage today. There is an urgent need to develop European capability around ‘cyber resilience’ and for this we need greater collaboration between defence, commercial suppliers and researchers.”

Stefan Brodin, Head of Defence Solutions

Solutions for Defence

Different defence industry use cases that Clavister provides cyber security solutions for:

Cyber Armour for Military Platforms

Protection against cyber sabotage, intrusion and malware and provides ability to continue to operate in the field.

Military Grade Network Security

Next-Generation Firewalls – ruggedised, non-ruggedised and virtual. Developed in Europe and Common Criteria Certified (EAL4 ).

Cyber Security Expertise

Clavister’s Cyber Security as-a-Service to gain access to key competencies to develop and maintain sufficient cyber protection.

Identity & Access Management

Gain visibility into who’s accessing your computer networks and employ strong authentication seamlessly.

Secure Private 5G for Defence

Private 5G is lucrative for Defence but robust cyber security is equally important. A proven, trusted solution from Clavister.

AI-Powered Jamming Detection

Utilise AI and advanced algorithms for jamming detection to secure satellite-ground station communication links.

Defence Showcase

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