Clavister, a history

Started in Örnskoldsvik, Sweden in 1997 and named Clavister in 2001 (Clavister meaning ‘key holder’ in Latin), the company is a cybersecurity firm that has created award winning firewalls and high level security solutions for nearly 20 years. In 2002–2003 they launched their first physical appliance, a highly regarded firewall device that performed well in test after test. By 2008 the first virtual gateway was released, another critical technological milestone. Clavister expanded to European markets as well as Asian offices and has a robust channel and partner programme. The development of their own, proprietary software—first cOS Core and later its cOS Stream solution—made the product into an industry respected leader in cybersecurity and digital threat deterrence. Investment and growth helped Clavister build an installed base of 150,000 units with a 95% customer satisfaction rate.