Denial-of-Service (DoS) Protection

Denial of Service (DoS) and Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks have been around for nearly a decade but they still rank high on the list of most common threats.

DoS and DDoS come in many shapes and forms but they all aim at one thing: interrupting service by overloading the network, its system resources or application resources. Downtime means lost revenue, productivity and reputation damage to the brand. 

What you can expect

The Solution

Since DoS and DDoS attacks come in so many variations, it requires a combination of different features to provide overall protection. No matter what type of Dos/DDoS attack or the nature or scale of your business, Clavister has a solution. By leveraging the powerful DoS and DDoS mitigation features inside the Clavister Next Generation Firewall, you can ensure that your organization can withstand these attacks with as little disruption possible.

Features and Capabilities

Managing an attack is partly about protecting your public-facing services as well as maintaining operations for the internal networks. Clavister has features and capabilities designed to address both aspects in an efficient manner. 


  • Healthy Network - Happy Users

    One of the benefits of using a properly configured Clavister Next Generation Firewall with the various DDoS protection capabilities activated is that the traffic will flow smoother in normal operations. Quicker response-times, fewer "out-of-service" events and overall better performance is often reported by customers who have fine-tuned their network to withstand DoS attacks. 

  • Reduced Risk for Damage to Brand and Reputation

    By reducing the risk of critical services becoming unavailable during a DoS attack the risk of embarrassment and lost revenue is reduced. 

  • Reduced Total Cost of Ownership

    By utilizing the built-in features and capabilities already included in the Clavister Next Generation Firewalls instead of adding single-purpose appliances, the Total Cost of Ownership is drastically reduced. Not only is there a far lower capital investment, but there's also additional savings in administration with fewer devices deployed, operated and maintained. 

  • Reduced Risk for Operational Disturbances

    With the Clavister DDoS Protection capabilities, it's possible to avoid an attack towards your public facing services that bring the entire internal network to a halt. This ensures that the organization can continue and maintain most of its services for employees and other internal users even during a massive attack. 

  • Reduced Risk for Extortion

    With a more resilient protection against DDoS attacks and lowered impact for the overall operation, there is less incentive for hackers to exploit the opportunity where the disturbance / cost related to an attack motivates paying out a ransom fee. With Clavister, you won't be an easy target.