Internet Border Firewalling

The recent sprawl of open-source vulnerabilities inherited into firewalls should raise eyebrows about what's under the hood of your network security. Bash-bugg, shell-chock, ghost and other vulnerabilities have been found in many firewall's operating code, resulting at best in administrative inconvenience, at worst to massive security breaches—an unacceptable situation for obvious reasons. Everyone knows firewall protection—safeguarding internal data and workflows from outside attacks—is a mission critical element for all networks to deploy. But not all firewalls are created equal, especially in the light of the Snowden incident. Clavister's code—100% in-house generated and with no-backdoors thanks to its Swedish roots—solves this critical weakness that plague other firewall providers saving you late night patch-management and other headaches. 

What you can expect

The Solution

Clavister’s firewall is a bit different than most other products on the market. Firstly, we're  a Swedish product (which means no backdoors or possibility of government intrusions). Seondly, our code is purpose built, our own Operating System that we've uniquely and propreitarily developed; no Linux, UNIX, bsd or Windows code. That's becasue we believe security products must be purpose built to get maximum optimization instead of a mix and match mess of bolted on open-source libraries that introduces vulnerabilites and slows down performance. The result? A highly resource efficient OS that ensures high performance and the best possible to fit for any network that doesn't create any bottlenecks. 

Features and Capabilities


  • Competitive TCO

    Centralized Management included, great price/performance ratio and a stright-forward licensing model ensures a highly competitive TCO . 

  • Achieve compliance with regulatory requirements

    Such as PCI, HIIPA and others by using controlled and delegated administration/provisioning of your security policies. 

  • Decreased maintenance

    No patch management because our code is written in house, specifically for security and nothing else.