Internet Usage Optimization

A critical element of our NGFW is the ability to intelligently and strategically filter network traffic, internal as well as external. Employees using bandwidth for social media or insecure websites create a wide range of problems from performance reduction to risk exposure (illegally downloaded copyright material, dark torrent site visits).

From online gambling and gaming to social media, it's important for companies to enforce Internet usage policies for both productivity reasons as well as to help employees avoid various addictions. 

What You Can Expect

We Have the Solution

Optimal use of resources, technical and human, is essential to productivity and the performance of your organization.

With Clavister you get the tools and capabilities to ensure that your internet connection isn't clogged with torrent downloads or productivity drops because of distractions from social media, games and such. 

As an added bonus you reduce the risk of getting infected by nasty ransomware, viruses and other vicious things.

Simply put, Clavister Internet Usage Optimization provides the tools for greater productivity, fewer security incidents and that mission critical business applications have the necessary internet capacity.

Features and Capabilities


  • Performance

    Performance for business critical apps will improve as less resources are being used for non-business related activities. In many scenarios as much as 80% of bandwidth usage can be saved by implementing Clavister's Internet Usage Optimization features. 

  • Identify

    Identify problematic and risk prone users into actionable intelligence that can be used to achieve better overall online behaviour. 

  • Control

    Ensure that internet usage policies becomes well known and enforced in the organization. Achieve accountability through user-friendly guidance about appropriate browsing and network usage behaviour, in turn reducing stress for employees. 

  • Security and Compliance

    Drastically reduce the risk of security breaches and viruses and worms making their way into the network due to users visiting potentially malicious websites or using applications that evade normal firewalls. Achieve compliance by being able to keep track of how data is flowing in and out of the company network.