Server Load Balancing

Distributing traffic across multiple servers to ensure maximum uptime, fast response times and simplified maintenance is a must for anyone who exposes business critical systems to their customers.

As an owner of a online shop this is not about convenience but a matter of money lost or money earned.

Unfortunately, server load balancers have often been either too basic or too expensive for small and medium sized organizations to afford. Without this, the consequences are often complex plannings for maintenance windows, increased down-time, loss of revenue and lowered customer satisfaction.

What you can expect

We Have The Solution

Clavister Server Load Balancing is a built-in capability in the Clavister Next-Generation Firewalls, which makes it possible to build a reliable infrastructure by connecting and managing multiple servers in a server-farm without the need for any additional equipment.

Using a variety of features, the Clavister Server Load Balancing capability achieves bandwidth aggregation, server/application health monitoring, fault-tolerance and enhanced security, more or less everything you need to reach a nearly unbreakable infrastructure.

Features and Capabilities

The main features and capabilities that makes Clavister Secure WAN Load Balancing the ideal solution for SMBs and Enterprises includes:


  • Increased capacity

    Aggregate the capacity from multiple servers and ensure that you have enough power to provide first class service to customers at all times.

  • Decreased latency

    Continuously monitor the latency and quality of your applications and ensure that the best possible service is provided at all times.

  • High service availability - minimal downtime

    Fault tolerance and automatic distribution of traffic across multiple servers without having to spend a fortune on single-purposed server load balancing equipment.

  • Simplified maintenance

    By eliminating single points of failure, it's easy to conduct server maintenance without having to plan downtime. In many cases the users don't notice any disturbance at all, even for activities that could mean complete downtime before introducing Clavister Intelligent Server Load Balancing.

  • Decreased cost

    Maintain your servers at daytime, eliminate single-point of failures and avoid costly downtime due to human errors or DDoS attacks without having to invest in any additional equipment.

  • Improved customer satisfaction

    Customers will experience a faster and more responsive application and service which is an important part of achieving high customer satisfaction.