Virtual Private Networks

Ensuring efficient and confidential communication between different branch offices, suppliers and business partners is crucial for any organization today. Additionally, with cloud services becoming a vital part of the IT-infrastructure, there's even an upsurge in communication outside of your own network that mandates additional security considerations.

"To avoid security breaches and avoid data-leakage that could lead to loss of business due to espionage and cyber-crime, there now is a greater need for encrypting communication than ever before."

Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) have become one of the most powerful tools for privacy by encrypting communications. By creating encrypted tunnels for all data to pass through, security and data integrity is maximised from intrusion and malicious intent. 

What you can expect

The Solution

VPN is a highly integrated feature in Clavister's products that ensures integrity and privacy of your communications. As a value-adding benefit, we've also incorporated features that ensure that your VPN tunnels are robust and work over almost any type of Internet connection, even using multiple WAN connections, a strategic option if downtime is unacceptable. 

Feature and Capability Overview

The main features and capabilities of the VPN solution from Clavister makes it ideal for enterprise, retail chain stores or larger SMBs to use: 


  • Ease and flexibility

    Quick set-up on any and all your devices without the need for IT administrators. 

  • Encrypt and go

    Have the confidence to know that all data is being shared confidentially and without malicious code inserted as it passes through your network. 

  • Speed is what you need

    Clavister products are resource efficient and optimized for high VPN throughput. Even on our smaller appliances, VPN can be provided at gigabit speeds. No need to worry about bottlenecks as you ensure privacy for your communication.