AI-Powered Jamming Detection

Introducing Clavister AI for Jamming Detection Solutions

Utilise the power of AI and advanced algorithms for active jamming detection​ to secure the communication links between satellites and ground stations and defend crucial information streams from interferences.

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The Challenge

Shielding Space Communications from Jamming

Space based communication jamming is a growing concern for nations. It can disrupt or interfere with satellite communication networks, both defence and commercial, impacting the crucial stream of information​. Today, it takes a lot of manual effort to detect jamming or interference.

The Solution

AI-Powered Jamming Detection

Clavister’s AI-engine PASAD with it’s advanced algorithms provide a powerful but lightweight solution for jamming detection and securing the communi- cation links between satellite and ground stations. Clavister offers PASAD as a software library which can be integrated into solutions deployed on ground stations, satellites, and mobile terminals for comprehensive cyber security.

Clavister AI for Jamming Detection Solutions
• Automated jamming and interference detection.
• Increased efficiency and service quality.
• Real-time mitigation and response.
• Reports and data for further analysis.

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