Military Grade Network Security

Trustable Security is Paramount for Military Platforms

With the fast digitalisation of defence forces, network security is needed everywhere, within all domains and all the way from data centres to tactical units. There is a need for reliable cybersecurity solutions that can be efficiently managed and maintained.

In the current geopolitical situation, trust is a challenge. Every country and organisation must judge technology not just from a technical perspective but also from the aspects of its origin. Digital solutions can contain hidden backdoors providing another state or organisation access to networks and data. Securing the whole supply chain is an essential part of ‘Secure by Design’. EU aims for a stronger and technology souverain Europe and Clavister is proud to play the part in the European cyber security ecosystem. 

Sweden is the most innovative European country and a trusted partner to NATO. This trust stretches outside Europe to many countries around the world.

Clavister Solution

Military Grade European Network Security

As a Swedish provider of cyber security for 25 years, Clavister offer a wide range of Next Generation Firewalls (NGFWs) in different sizes, capacity, ruggedised, non-ruggedised and virtual formats. With Clavister comes a new dimension of security being the European alternative for NGFWs. Developed in Europe and Common Criteria Certified (EAL4 ).

Advantage of a wide range of NGFWs is that all different kinds of military platforms and systems can be secured, across land, sea, air and space. You can protect and connect large networks with multiple sites across different geographies or protect sensitive assets like data centre segments, databases and applications. 

Clavister Network Security – Key Features


Battle proven and feature rich NGFW software, as a result of years of expertise working with large defence primes


Custom hardware to meet specific requirement in terms of capacity, certification, weather conditions and compliance


Ruggedised firewalls for tactical deployment in the harshest environments meeting relevant military standards such as MIL-STD-810G, MIL-STD-461G, MIL-STD-1275E


In addition to ruggedised firewall for in-vehicle deployments, we provide a range of non-ruggedised firewalls for data centres, offices and environments


Virtual firewalls for deployment in data centres, tactical servers or as an integrated part of a Clavister partner product (support for KVM, Hyper V)


Centralised management with integration capabilities for Managed Security Services (MSS) and analytics and automation platforms like SOAR

Clavister Next-Generation Firewalls

Broad range of firewalls to suit defence requirements, with advanced security features, easy deployment and centralised management

NetWall and NetShield Series

Advanced threat protection for network and data, providing ‘defence-in-depth’ security and helping militaries work towards ‘secure by design’ cyber security approach

Military Grade Firewalls

Same NGFW security, wrapped in a ruggedised hardware appliance for military field communication or in-vehicle deployment, option for standard or custom-built

Discover Clavister Cyber Armour for Military Platforms


Solutions for Defence

Different defence industry use cases that Clavister provides cyber security solutions for:

Cyber Armour for Military Platforms

Protection against cyber sabotage, intrusion and malware and provides ability to continue to operate in the field.

Cyber Security Expertise

Clavister’s Cyber Security as-a-Service to gain access to key competencies to develop and maintain sufficient cyber protection.

Secure Private 5G for Defence

Private 5G is lucrative for Defence but robust cyber security is equally important. A proven, trusted solution from Clavister.

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