Secure Private 5G for Defence

‘5G-Enabled’ Defence Technology

With the general move to 5G, the use of private 5G has become increasingly attractive for defence forces as it is a critical and versatile civil technology that could be a key enabler to develop future defence technology.

Potential applications of the private 5G include facilitating next-generation ‘future factory’ manufacturing capabilities, remote AR/VR defence personnel training and remote proactive maintenance activities.  Due to increased data speed, reduced latency, and improved reliability of data transfer, private 5G opens new operational capabilities in the defence space.

Private networks can also span from national coverage to tactical deployment within a limited geographical area. This put demands on flexibility and scalability, up and down, for the cybersecurity solution to protect it. In the context of defence technology, ensuring that private 5G network is secure and robust carries even more significane than its commercial counterparts. 

Across Europe, various military research organisations are piloting private 5G projects, for example 5G COMPAD, as part of defence innovation to explore a wide range of secure data delivery opportunities 

Clavister Solution

Purpose-built 5G Security 

Clavister protects LTE and 5G network against advanced cyberattacks. Military security standards can be met using Clavister’s 5G specific cybersecurity solutions. A solution consisting of scalable firewalls that typically are deployed to protect many different part and interfaces within and around the mobile network. These firewalls can be integrated in mobile networks from any vendor in all aspects from traffic processing to management, automation and analytics. The Clavister firewalls can run as virtual machines (VNF), containers (CNF), on powerful hardware appliances or ruggedized hardware for tactical deployment.

Clavister is one of the market leaders of firewalls within the telecom industry and a strategic partner to Nokia.


The world’s fastest 5G security software

Clavister NetShield Virtual is the world’s fastest virtualized solution for securing 5G networks and has been formally validated in collaboration with Intel, the industry-leading manufacturer of microprocessors and chipsets.


Use-Cases for Defence

Different defence industry use-cases that Clavister provides cyber security solutions for:

Cyber Armour for Military Platforms

Protection against cyber sabotage, intrusion and malware and provides ability to continue to operate in the field.

Military Grade Network Security

Next-Generation Firewalls – ruggedised, non-ruggedised and virtual. Developed in Europe and Common Criteria Certified (EAL4 ).

Identity & Access Management

Gain visibility into who’s accessing your computer networks. Manage and secure your identities in a simple way using MFA.

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