NIS2 Directive


NIS2 is coming. Are you Ready?

All 27 EU member states must incorporate the NIS2 Directive into their national laws by October 2024. However, the market is not yet ready for it. In Clavister’s 2023 Cyber Security Market Survey, 25% of cyber security professionals admitted that they hadn’t even heard about NIS2.
In this paper, we provide you an overview of the NIS2 Directive, helping you to assess whether you fall under the directive or not and list some essential steps or best practices to help you on your NIS2 journey.

· Overview of NIS2 Directive
· Role of EU Member States
· Impact on Different Sectors
· Best Practices for NIS2 Compliance
· What Should be Your Starting Point?
· How Can Clavister Help

Download Clavister’s free overview and best practices to implement NIS2: