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Next Generation Artificial Intelligence blocking threats at your endpoint devices

Next Generation Endpoint Security Client

More than 300,000 new malwares are created each day, designed to attack your endpoint devices to steal your data, create havvoc in your network or encrypt your valuable information. New Zero-day attacks and evasive malware makes it way through traditional antivirus products based on signatures for known attacks which render these protection tools almost useless. Advanced Threat Protection (ATP) that stops both known malware using traditional signatures, and Artificial Intelligence that blocks Zero-Day attacks based on behaviour analysis must be deployed at your endpoint devices. Naturally it also should be easy to manage and without slowing down the machines.

"Enterprises spend more than $4 billion every year on endpoint security solutions*, but are still loosing ground to cyber criminals"

What You Get

Stop Ransomware

Ransomware is one of the most common and costly malwares affecting organizations of all sizes.

The Clavister Endpoint Security Client stops ransomwares from incrypting your valuable files using new and highly sophisticated technologies, including 4:th Generation Artificial Intelligence.

Feature highlights:

  • 4:th Generation Artificial Intelligence that blocks ransomware based on behavior
  • Signature-based protection that protects against known ransomwares 
  • Centralized and advanced tracking of outbreaks within your organization
  • Quarantine infected hosts and force immediate updates of all your endpoint devices
Clavister blocks Wannacry

Advanced Zero-Day Protection

The unprecedented rise of new threats has deemed traditional security mechanisms both ineffective and unreliable in providing adequate defense.

Today's pervasive, Zero-Day threats have increased in complexity, making prevention, detection, and remediation difficult for traditional security software. 

Clavister Endpoint Security Client, powered by Bitdefender, features pro-active detection technology, including 4:th Generation Artificial Intelligence that monitors the behavior of the malwares in addition to classic AV engine techniques.

During the Wannacry malware outbreak, most of the antivirus softwares on the market failed to block it at the point of outbreak. Clavister proactively blocked wannacry immediately and without the need for specific signatures thanks to this technology.

The result:
Better protection and lower risk of getting exposed to malware due to clients with out-of-date signature-sets.

Cloud Based Management

Manage all your endpoint security clients from a central and cloud based console.

  • Cost-Effective
    No need to invest in separate hardware and Operating Systems for your management interface and no need to deal with maintenance and patches.

  • Powerful and Easy to Use
    Manage the endpoint devices and clients no matter where in the world they while also enjoying best-in-class reporting, monitoring and compliance management

  • Smooth Provisioning
    Provision the endpoint security client in an efficient and smooth way using built-in tools for distribution and asset inventory.

Added Value for MSSPs

The Clavister Endpoint Security solution is designed to help Managed Security Service Providers (MSSP) and partners to manage and sell the clients in an efficient way.

Remote deployment and uninstall of competitive solutions – Using Windows Network Discovery it detects all unprotected computers and allows you to deploy the endpoint client.

Granular policies, reports and alerts – The multi-tenant console enables MSSPs to apply different policies for companies or specific groups.

Multi-tenant console and flexible roles – Administer all customers in the same console and define permission levels and customers or groups that each employee can manage.

Attractive usage-based licensing – Flexible and scalable business model where we invoice MSSP partners monthly based on active licenses instead of charging for each client up-front.

Control your Data

The Clavister Endpoint Security Client helps you control your data and avoid information leakage/theft. It also helps you achieve compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which now is starting to come into effect in numerous ways.

Here are some feature highlights:

  • Device Control
    Manage how USB drives and other parts of your devices may be used to avoid information theft or unintentional data leakage.

  • Data Control
    Protect and control how sensitive and confidential data such as credit card numbers, social security numbers or similar can be transmitted to and from your devices to avoid data leakage and potential compliance breaches. 

  • Compliance and Incident Reporting
    Choose from pre-defined and custom reports that provides you with insight into the compliance status of all your devices. Additionally the reports will tell you if you had information leakage or attempts to leakage that needs attention.
Read more about Clavister and GDPR

What Are You Waiting For

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The Clavister Endpoint Security Client, powered by technology from Bitdefender, provides a rich set of security features. The combination of fourth generation Artificial Intelligence, behavior analysis and signatures ensures best-in-class protection and performance while also providing great control and visibility of status of all your devices across the entire network.






Ransomware Protection

Trojan Detection

APT Protection

Rootkit Detection

Two-Way Firewall

Host-Based IDS/IDP


Application Control

Device Control

Content Control

Network Access Control

Location Based Control


Cloud Based Management

Compliance Management

Service Provider Portal





Integration APIs


Rapid Client Installations




Virtual Machines

Exchange Servers





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What are You Waiting For

Download free trial or contact us for more information.

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