Clavister Military Grade Security

Clavister NetWall RSG-400

Rugged and durable firewall

NetWall RSG-400 is targeted for installations where standard security products cannot function reliably. With its military, rugged design, the durable Clavister NetWall RSG-400 can withstand harsh, environments and deliver outstanding solid performance, offering unified security management inside and between environments. Perfect for tough environments, such as military vehicles and other locations with demanding environments where high-end security is required.

Nato-compliant, ruggedized security gateways and switches for the most harsh environments

Clavister NetWall RSW-400

Rugged and durable switch

NetWall RSW-400 is targeted for installations where standard switch products cannot function reliably. The Clavister NetWall RSW-400 is based on the same platform as the RSG-400 and can be upgraded into a fully functional firewall.
With its military, rugged design, the Clavister RSW-400 switch can withstand
harsh, environments. Perfect for tough locations, such as military vehicles and other demanding environments.

Use-Cases for Defence

Different defence industry use-cases that Clavister provides cyber security solutions for:

Cyber Armour for Military Platforms

Protection against cyber sabotage, intrusion and malware and provides ability to continue to operate in the field.

Cyber Security Expertise

Clavister’s Cyber Security as-a-Service to gain access to key competencies to develop and maintain sufficient cyber protection.

Secure Private 5G for Defence

Private 5G is lucrative for Defence but robust cyber security is equally important. A proven, trusted solution from Clavister.

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