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Clavister MFA Server: The beefiest bouncer around

At the heart of your strong authentication solution is the Clavister MFA Server, the beefiest bouncer around, keeping cyber criminals at bay and out of your network. The Clavister MFA Server communicates with Clavister Next Generation Firewalls, your User Directories and keeps track of all the OTPs. The server is designed for rapid installation and requires minimal administration to offer great protection for your company.

Design and Highlights

  • Strong authentication ready whenevery you are

    We believe that strong authentication is a necessity for everyone. To make it easy for you to get started with the Clavister MFA server, we package it together with all the other Clavister products.

    Click here to obtain a free 30 days complimentary demo license.

  • Rapid Deployment

    Clavister MFA server is incredibly easy to install. In fact, most customers can be up and running with strong authentication within an hour.

    Clavister MFA is a plug’n’play product that delivers value on the first day, not an IT project that goes on for months and never gets finished.

  • Adapts to your risks and business needs

    The Clavister MFA Server is not only strong and beefy but also intelligent enough to adapt to different needs. Built into the Clavister MFA Server are several risk based authentication capabilities which we call ‘scenarios’. These scenarios enable you to tailor make the right level of authentication based on who the user is; type of service; resources being accessed or even what IP address or network they are currently using.

  • Smart Integration

    Clavister MFA is perfectly integrated with the Claviter Next Generation Firewalls and Centralized Management System.

    All Clavister MFA configurations are done using Clavister InControl which makes it a seamless experience.

Clavister Authenticator: One Time Passwords the smarter way

Clavister Authenticator is a mobile app that works on both Apple and Android phones. The best thing, it’s super simple to use. It’s so easy to use that it actually doesn’t require the user to do anything. Once you start the app, it generates a new One Time Password (OTP) every 30 seconds. Even setting it up to use is easy. Just initiate the setup and point it towards the QR code on your screen; it’s ready to go. The Clavister Authenticator is free to download from Apple App Store and Google Play, and even better, there are no transactions costs either.

App StoreGoogle Play

Design and Highlights

  • Simple setup

    Preparing the Clavister Authenticator mobile app for its first use is simple and straightforward. Once you initiated the setup a "camera window" appears, point it to the QR code on your screen. And you're more or less already done.

  • Free to download, free to use

    Downloading Clavister Authenticator from Apple App Store and Google Play Store is free of charge, and so is using it. With Clavister Authenticator there are no hidden costs, just increased security at your fingertips. 

  • Easy to use

    Using Clavister Authenticator is super simple, in fact, the only thing you need to do is to start it. Once it’s running it’ll generate a new OTP every 30 seconds.

  • Optional Re-Branding

    The Clavister Authenticator can be re-branded with your own company profile. This is a great marketing opportunity the help you grow trust and brand awareness, especially if you are a service provider offering the MFA solution to your customers. 

Clavister SMS Service: One Time Passwords, for everyone, anywhere

The SMS service works on a bundle package: a far lower cost alternative to creating hard token system implementation and much easier to use. Even better, since everyone has their phone device with them, there’s no risk of not having the hardware dongle with you. And with SMS working on all devices—feature phones as well as smart—the SMS option might be right for your needs.

Design and Highlights

  • Deploy and enjoy

    The SMS option is the easiest way to deploy Clavister MFA and deliver One Time Passwords as it doesn’t require the user to download anything. A simple SMS code comes into the device and they use that. Dead easy.

  • Guest are welcome to drop by any time

    The SMS service is a great choice when you want to invite your vendors, customers or consultants to your network. Simply add their number and stop worrying about uninvted guests making an entrance.

  • Works for everyone, everywhere on any phone

    While the Clavister Authenticator is an excellent solution, it requires a smart phone to operate. Many regions have a mix of feature and smart phones. For users with feature phones, the SMS option is the best solution to create strong authentication SOP.


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