Reference Case: Brazil Police

Clavister ensures high availability and network
security for the Civil Police, Federal District, Brazil

“We are very happy now that we have a highly available network which is much more secure and predictable. Our applications are now far more responsive… and Clavister is the key to these results,” Cleber Monteiro, Director of Police, Civil Police, Federal District, Brazil Organizations declares.

He notes that his organization holds data of a highly sensitive nature on their IT systems and thus they require a robust and secure network infrastructure to protect it. There are 27 Civil Police departments in Brazil and each state has its own Civil Police Department. It’s responsible for all detective work, forensics and criminal investigation in the state.  All data is held on servers at the Civil Police headquarters in Brasilia. This links to the other police stations within the Federal District, connected by a virtual private network (VPN). Highly confidential police data is constantly shared over the network so protecting it from intrusion or attack is of vital importance to ensure availability of its IT systems and applications.

What Clavister did

Unwanted traffic

The Civil Police Department of the Federal District was experiencing a lot of heavy and unwanted traffic and a number of external threats to its network, so it desperately needed a solution to protect the VPN, that would give it control over bandwidth and also centrally clean its network of any viruses.

“Network security is essential for our organization due to the highly sensitive nature of the data we hold on our systems. We are also hugely reliant on the applications our network supports as it is essential that our police officers have immediate access to confidential data. Viruses and other external threats put our confidential data at risk and really slows down our network, and this can severely hinder the police from doing their job,” said Reginaldo Pereira Filho, assistant director of IT, Civil Police, Federal District.

In order to address the threats to its network, the police needed effective firewall solutions and intrusion blocking, so it took advice from a trusted, local Clavister IT partner who recommended Clavister’s network security solutions. Combining flexibility with reliability and high-performance, the Clavister Security Gateways require very little maintenance and are simple to upgrade, administer and manage. They are also robust, resilient and scalable. Clavister gateways were rolled out to the 41 police stations located in the Federal District. These solutions are specifically designed for organizations with remote offices and deliver deep packet inspection firewalling that keeps the network secure from unauthorized access. They also provides Unified Threat Management (UTM) Services.

A cluster of high availability gateways have been deployed at the police headquarters in Brasilia. These hardware based products deliver high performance and scalability, with built-in VPN connectivity.

A clean network

José Wellington Cunha da Silva, director of IT, Civil Police, Federal District said: “We use a high-availability cluster at our headquarters, the nerve centre of our network, and have deployed 41 gateways at our police stations.”

“We had a lot of problems with our network that Clavister helped to solve, including network configuration problems, broadcast traffic and some internal threats. We have also suffered from external attacks. The Clavister solutions have cleansed our network and we now have a much faster network and far more responsive applications.”

One of the main advantages of the Clavister product range for the IT team is ease of use and it has deployed Clavister’s management tool which enables remote configuration, monitoring and firmware upgrades. It is secured through 128-bit encryption and authentication.
The police’s IT team has also taken advantage of Security Information and Event Management solutions that provides real-time security intelligence to help decipher hacker/virus behavior and combat all manner of security threats across the network.

“The security of our network is imperative to the good work of our police yet it has constantly been an uphill struggle to maintain. We are very happy now that we have a highly-available network which is much more secure and predictable. Our applications are now far more responsive and Clavister is the key to these results,” concluded Cleber Monteiro, director of police, Civil Police, Federal District, Brazil.

About Civil Police, Federal District, Brazil

In Brazil, the Civil Police is the investigative State Police Force. Each of the 26 states of Brazil has its own Civil Police Department, as does the Federal District. Its role is to carry out detective work, forensics and criminal investigation and it acts as a state bureau of investigation. 


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