Remote Working Using Clavister Products

How to use our tools to work remotely

The COVID-19 (aka Corona virus) is a major challenge on almost every level of our society: from nations to businesses and as individuals we’ll witness large disruptions of our daily lives both on personal and work levels. But through this adversity, we need to find ways to ensure our business continuity and that’s why we wanted to make sure you, as customer and partner, fully use the use-cases available in your Clavister products to work remotely and with security, to keep your businesses running while protecting employees welfare.

Clavister NetWall Products

Clavister NetWall products—both with Product Subscriptions and Security Subscriptions—come with Secure Remote Access use-case included. Clavister OneConnect is a free of charge SSL VPN client for Windows and macOS that empowers employees to connect remotely with easy and reliability.


PhenixID Authenticaiton Services and OneTouch

Additionally, we have other solutions that may be deployed to add a layer of security, multi factor authentication product that allows identities to be confirmed with a smart phone app and biometric sign-in.


Zero-Touch Deployment

Noteworthy also is that for permanent home-offices or smaller remote sites the Clavister NetWall E-series firewalls all come with Zero-Touch Deployment functionality. This allows administrators to order an E10 and ship it to the installation destination without having to technically prepare it beforehand. With Clavister InControl 2.20 the unit can be staged ahead of delivery so that it will be operational as part of your SD-WAN within minutes after installation by a non-technical person. This functionality is also included for all NetWall subscription models, to learn more see how it works here.