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Resource efficient by default

In Sweden, we like our ‘mysig’ culture: small, intimate and very well structured. Think of soft lighting, a lit fire and a cup of hot cocoa on a winter’s night. How does that play out in technology? In the case of Clavister, it comes out as an extremely well designed software offering, one that was built by ourselves from the ground-up without using any legacy code. That has two technological benefits. One, it means that we’re free from many of the attack surface problems that other base codes suffer from, allowing our code to come out unaffected by some of the nastiest attacks like Heartbleed and others.

Two, it makes for a very small OS package, one that creates incredible resource efficiency. That allows Clavister to be deployed in COTS hardware with terrific results or in our virtual offering, as a security VNF that uses one core instead of two or three as other vendors would offer. Small, tight and very powerful—a bit like a Porsche—that’s Clavister’s OS.

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Some years ago, the world was rudely awakened to the fact that governments were using advanced surveillance software to track citizens around the world, both for homeland security intent and also at times for corporate espionage. One of the most shocking facts that came to light was that many cybersecurity vendors were complicit in this activity by placing ‘backdoors’ in their code to allow government and other agencies to compromise customer data.

This is not the case at Clavister. We adhere to a strict No Backdoors policy whereby we use Swedish laws privacy laws to protect against requirements that we divulge our customer data nor that we place backdoor code and reveal that to any agency for the purpose of surveillance. What’s more, we invite any customer to visit our HQ at which time they can review our source code to see that this claim is a fact, an offer that few security vendors in the market offer.


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