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How does it work?

Instructor-led courses

Instructor-led sessions are the simplest way to be trained since it requires minimal preparation on your end.
They can be delivered in two ways: online or onsite (Clavister or customer premises).
Whatever the format, you will benefit from the trainer’s assistance and expert knowledge; you will do in-depth hands-on exercises, and have access to our comprehensive training material.

All attendants get remote access to a fully working lab environment consisting of a PC and a security setup (firewalls and servers). The trainers can follow your progress and assist if necessary. You can interact with them as well as with the other participants, ask questions, share knowledge and solve problems.

We usually limit the number of participants to eight (8) for the best possible learning experience. Tailor made training sessions involving bigger groups, specific time zones, language, actual hardware or adapted content can be arranged upon request. Contact our sales representatives or simply send an email to if you want to know more.


Self-training offers more freedom in terms of pace and necessary knowledge. It is also the most cost-effective solution. However, getting all the benefits requires each attendant to independently set up their own environment or fill out possible gaps. Few options are available yet but stand by for more!

“How-to” videos on a variety of subjects are also at your disposal on our YouTube channel, please take the time and have a look!


It is best to be knowledgeable in TCP/IP, routing and firewall basics. In most cases no previous knowledge of Clavister products is required.
The optimal setup is to use a computer with good internet connectivity and two screens, one for the presentation, one for the lab exercises. Online sessions are best followed with a headset with microphone for easy communication with trainer and trainees.

To participate in a training, purchase a voucher from your nearest sales representative and book a time at your convenience. We have sessions all year round.


Some trainings that are part of a course give you the opportunity to take a web based exam and get a certification. For each exam you pass you will receive a shiny certificate and a badge you can boast about on social media. If you are on a partner program, the more expert you are, the better your status and discounts! You get two chances for each certification exam. Should you fail both, it is possible to purchase additional certification events in case you need to retake the exam. Most certifications are valid for 36 months. For “compound” certifications which require validating different components, the validity extends from the date of the first acquired component.

For example, if you first passed the NetWall Fundamentals test on 2019-10-15 and then the other three, your Clavister NetWall Expert certification will be valid for 36 months from that date, in this case 2022-10-11.


Another good way to learn about all products and features is to dive into the comprehensive documentation Clavister provides you with. You can also continue your learning journey by doing your own experiments on our next generation firewalls.

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