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Critical Infrastructure


Whether you’re operating a pan-continental electricity provider or a local facility for district heating, your services are critical for your society and economy. Running critical infrastructure used to be easy and straightforward. In today’s connected world, however, what used to be isolated and proprietary control systems are now part of general, often open and unsecured IP networks. Although this transformation offers great improvements in efficiency, it also introduces new and very serious threats.

Additionally, a common challenge is to ensure confidential and reliable communications between operation centers and geographically dispersed, often remote, production sites. Communication downtime is not only a matter of inconvenience, but can pose a great security risk as well.

In summary, these are the major threats and challenges to critical infrastructures:

  • Service outage due to cyberterrorist and hacktivist attacks
  • Security risks and operational disturbance due to unreliable communication
  • Securely manage the transformation from legacy and isolated systems to modernized applications communicating over open networks
  • How we help

    Having provided security solutions to critical infrastructures for more than 15 years, Clavister has fine tuned its offerings to ensure that you can minimize your risks while at the same time reaping the benefits from what a modern infrastructure can offer. These are some of the key ingredients that we believe are required for an “always on/always secure” network:

    Strong network perimeter protection

    Protect against attacks from cyberterrorists and hacktivists using the market’s most robust and proven firewall..

    WAN Load Balancing

    Build a reliable and fault-tolerant infrastructure using multiple and cost-effective Internet links, virtually eliminating operational disturbance due to network outage..

    Quality of Service

    Ensure that mission-critical systems can communicate with the highest priority, and thus remain unaffected by less important traffic.

    VPN with Strong Encryption

    Guarantee that your sensitive information remains confidential, even when transported across Internet, by using encrypted VPN tunnels.

    Centralized Management and Operation

    Ensure consistent security policies throughout your entire organization using our well-integrated centralized management system.

    Client Testimonials

    Don’t take our word for it – here’s what our clients say:

    Clavister Supplies Virtual Security Gateways and hardware for the world’s Largest Privately Owned Energy Company.

    Clavister was the sole Security Gateway provider flexible enough to deal with our diverse IT environment. Furthermore, they met our extremely high reliability standards. By implementing virtual security gateways, we achieved our goals of server consolidation, ability to configure remotely and—most importantly—reduced capital investment,

    Uwe Fischer

    CIO, E.ON C&R