Secure Site Communications

Remote Sensor Data Collection

Critical infrastructures such as power-grids rely increasingly often on secure communications to perform efficiently. Green energy is produced where the power can be generated, often in remote locations and in a high number of sites. These can be wind-farms, wave generators or solar energy plants.

Each of these sites is equipped with many sensors to help make the energy capturing as efficient as possible. To manage a network for secure data collection and remote-control capabilities is a challenge that many critical infrastructure operators face.


Secure Site Communications

Clavister firewalls are deployed in each of the locations providing virtual private networking capabilities to connect each of the remote sites with headquarters. The firewalls can use any type of access technology including fibre, DLS or wireless – and have built in routing & redundancy functionality to transparently fail-over in a case of a network connectivity interruption.

Remote sites are often very scarce for space and green energy goals also put restrictions on the amount of hardware placed on site. The Clavister virtual Next-Generation Firewall provides a solution where it can run embedded on the virtualized infrastructure together with other applications such as those gathering data points form sensors on-site.

Clavister provides a lean and secure method for headquarters to have real-time access to all there sites and sensors, enabling efficient energy production.



Secure remote access over common access technologies


Failover routing build in to secure business continuity


Low footprint with virtualised options meeting Green Energy goals

Use Cases included in this solution


Reliable Secure VPN

Network perimeter protection securing IT resources and users


Routing & Load Balancing

Connecting branch offices and remote locations securely and cost effectively



Avoid downtime and secure business continuity with redundancy



Desktop Models

Compact, fast and extremely powerful, these appliances deliver security performance for remote offices or as CPEs.

Rack-mounted Models

For the larger enterprise users, these appliances give best in class protection for even the biggest companies.

Virtual Models

Clavister has been a pioneer in virtual products since 2008. Find out how virtual NGFWs might be the answer for your needs.

Security Subscriptions

Clavister’s services and knowledge products help you realize the full potential of your newly secured network.

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