Use-Case Guide

Clavister secures and protects enterprise and service provider networks, enabling business continuity with a multi use-case product suite

Cybersecurity is now seen as one of the main threats to the world economy and will cost the an estimated 6 trillion USD annually by 2021 (source: Cybersecurity ventures). Clavister provides distributed enterprises with security solutions that protect and connect their business securely. The products are engineered in Sweden — guaranteed free from back-doors and not based on any conventional operating systems.

The solutions provides multiple use-cases in the same setup providing secure connectivity and protection from threats. It also enables to take preventative measures to restrict inappropriate usage from inside the network. They run on appliances suitable for small to large offices but also virtualised to protect the cloud resources. Clavister’s solutions can be managed in-house by IT departments or can be operated by local specialized managed services partners.