Secure Network Zones

Network segmentation to protect company’s digital assets

Learn how Clavister supports Service VLANs (Q-in-Q):

Segment your network into zones to simplify policy management and reduce impact upon breach

Employees expect to be able to bring their own devices (BYOD) to the office and connect them to the infrastructure. Often however these devices are not managed by the administrator and do not come with the same level of protection as corporate issued devices. This poses a risk towards internal systems from inside the secure perimeter.


  • Segment your network into several zones
  • Use interfaces, VLAN's and sub-netting
  • Control the traffic allowed between them tightly
  • Use virtualized firewalls in front of critical systems
  • User identify awareness and device indentification allows for personalized policies and rules

Clavister firewall for perimeter protection


  • Increased flexibility in network design
  • Improved security due to the simplicity of designing well-isolated network segments

Use virtualised dedicated firewalls, due to Clavister's low footprint, this takes very limited extra recources and can be on the same virtualisation hypervisor infrastructure.

Learn more about Clavister’s support for Service VLANs (Q-in-Q):

Clavister VLAN