Clavister Q1 2021 Interim Report

On Wednesday, May 12, 2021 at 08:00 CET Clavister’s Q1 Interim Report 2021 was released. The report and disclosed related materials is available on this page right after disclosure. Reports from previous years and can be found be at Financial Reports.

On the publishing day, Clavister held a websession where our CEO, John Vestberg and our CFO, David Nordström presented the financial numbers and conclusions for the first quarter. The session was concluded with a Q&A session. The presentation is avaible here to the right –> 


• Order Intake amounted to 36.1 (32.2) MSEK.
• Net Sales amounted to 30.6 (29.3) MSEK. FX adjusted Net Sales amounted to 31.6 (28.6) an increase of 3.0 MSEK.
• Gross Profit amounted to 26.7 (28.3) MSEK, corresponding to a gross margin of 85.7 (85.1) %.
• EBITDA amounted to -7.0 (-5.8) MSEK.
• EBIT amounted to -16.0 (-17.3) MSEK.
• Net Profit amounted to -26.3 (-39.5) MSEK and earnings per share to -0.49 (-1.54) SEK.
• Operating Cash Flow amounted to -35.6 (-20.6) MSEK.

“Our first quarter of 2021 started slow but recovered with important orders towards the end of the quarter leading to an order growth of 12%. We have good traction in our 5G security business and see an uptake in business within the Nordic public sector market. Business activity is slowly increasing as the impact of Covid normalizes and we are still confident in delivering on our growth and profitability ambitions for the year.”

John Vestberg, President and CEO


Clavister Q1 2021: Order Intake Growth of 12%

“May 12, 2021, Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, released its first quarterly report for 2021…”


Clavister Q1 2021: 12% ökad orderingång

”Örnsköldsvik, Sverige, den 12:e maj 2021. Clavister, en ledande leverantör av högpresterande cybersäkerhetslösningar, har idag publicerat sin första…”



Clavister publishes its financial results five times a year through four quarterly interim reports and an annual report. The interim report for the fourth quarter is accompanied by a company announcement summing up the financial results for both fourth quarter and full year. You can see the dates for upcoming reports in the financial calendar.