Introducing Clavister NetShield CNF: Enhancing Cloud-Native Security for the Telecom Industry 

Introducing Clavister NetShield CNF: Enhancing Cloud-Native Security for the Telecom Industry 

Release NetShield CNF

11 March 2024 – Örnsköldsvik, Sweden. Clavister is proud to launch the latest addition to our network security solutions, Clavister NetShield CNF, powered by cOS Stream 4.00. As an integral part of the Clavister NetShield portfolio of Next-Generation Firewalls (NGFW), this Cloud-Native Network Function (CNF) sets a new standard in security for telco environments, seamlessly integrating with Kubernetes and extending robust protection across all telco use cases supported by our Clavister 5G solution. 

Clavister NetShield CNF offers real-time traffic analysis through deep packet inspection, introducing a paradigm shift in security operations. This advanced technology ensures immediate threat detection, empowering telecom operators to protect their networks from evolving cyber threats while maintaining uninterrupted operations. 

Key Features: 

  • Granular Security Policies: Clavister NetShield CNF enables the creation of granular security policies, providing organisations with precise control over their network traffic and application behaviour. 
  • Comprehensive Logging and Alerting: With Clavister NetShield CNF, organisations benefit from comprehensive logging and alerting capabilities. This allows for proactive threat management and rapid incident response. 
  • Scalability: As applications evolve, Clavister NetShield CNF scales easily to meet changing requirements, ensuring consistent and reliable protection across the entire network infrastructure. 

“With Clavister NetShield CNF, organisations can unlock a new level of network security for their Kubernetes applications,” says Mattias Nordlund, Head of Product at Clavister. “By seamlessly integrating with Kubernetes and leveraging the power of cOS Stream 4.00, NetShield CNF empowers the operators to secure their telco environments with unparalleled precision and efficiency.” 

Per Mikaelsson, Sales Engineer at Clavister, comments, “Clavister NetShield CNF is a game-changer for our telco customers. Its advanced real-time threat detection and granular security policies enables to stay ahead in the ever-evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats. I’m excited about how Clavister NetShield CNF simplifies cluster security, reduces administrative tasks, and scales effortlessly to meet our customers’ dynamic requirements. This solution not only enhances their network security posture but also ensures uninterrupted operations, providing peace of mind in the face of emerging threats.” 

For seamless integration and to explore the full capabilities of Clavister NetShield CNF, please consult our comprehensive documentation or contact us for a consultation on how this can improve your network security. Take the first step towards enhancing your network security posture in the era of cloud-native telecommunications. 

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Mattias Nordlund
Clavister Head of Product