Adding Device Intelligence to NetWall – cOS Core 13.00.06

Adding Device Intelligence to NetWall – cOS Core 13.00.06

The Internet of Things is flooding our networks: Everything is getting connected, in the office, on the street and at home. With all these devices connected—and struggling to having control over them—becomes incredibly important to secure the network. But the Trouble is that devices don’t announce themselves with a greeting. Most are rather anonymous actually and have to be detected instead. Sometimes that detection of devices, and ones with malware, comes too late.

With cOS Core 13.00.06 Clavister NetWall will add device detection functionality that will enhance the data collected. By using intelligent matching algorithms using multiple datapoints and reference models, the firewall will determine with the greatest accuracy possible what Vendor (for instance Apple, Samsung), Type (Mobile, smart watch) , Model (MacBook Air, Galaxy S5 Mini)  and OS (OS X, Android) each IP address connected represents. The Neighbor Devices page in the Web User Interface has been enhanced with the ability to show more information about each device in the WebUI and the meta-data is also forwarded to 3rd party SIEM systems.

“Clavister NetWall is now hooked up to the largest database in the world capable of recognising more than 35 billion IoT devices and leveraging on a constantly growing set of more than 500 million unique devices identified up to date,” Mattias Nordlund Product Manager for Clavister NetWall explains. ”The data that becomes enriched and is not only available on the NetWall device, this information will also be sent to an InCenter log receiver and if configured, can be used to get a good overview of the network’s status and effectiveness,” he continues.

For the device intelligence to function the DHCP messaging from the client must be handled by the firewall. Either Clavister NetWall acts as a DHCP server—or the DHCP message passes through from the client to the destination.

cOS Core 13.00.06 is available immediate and can be installed on desktop and rack devices – and be used for virtual deployment. The functionality is included in each Clavister Security Subscription (CSS)

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