First You Secure, Then You Score!

First You Secure, Then You Score!

You know the feeling—you put on your seatbelt and just pull it one quick time to make sure it locks. It’s a natural behavior for us humans, to be a bit skeptical. Better to be sure by testing, checking, trying. It’s a similar feeling with implementing a firewall. You fire it up and if it installed well, you won’t notice its presence—barely. But that’s the problem isn’t it? How do you know your protection is working? And how well?

A firewall today is not the firewall from 20 years ago—or even five or 10 years ago. There are so many bells and whistles and there’s a high chance your organization is only using a small portion of the capabilities to protect you well. Gosh, today the perimeter is not even at your network’s edge anymore—you need so much more security solutions to protect your data—like identity and access management solutions, end-point security and advanced threat protection. At Clavister we believe in a holistic approach to security—from the user, via the devices and network to the cloud and a top priority for any organization is to Know how well they are protected. Because implementing a security solution does not mean it’s configured right or configured optimally or up to date. A security solution needs continues review, comparison to best practices and review for new threats as well as attention to improve. It’s a big burden for IT managers to communicate the current status and argue for better resources to enable improvement. What do you prioritize first?

At Clavister we set out on a mission to fix this. For the last couple of years our product strategy has been focusing on knowledge and action. Knowing how much threat the solutions are under and gathering intelligence on how protection is configured. And we believe this isn’t option, it’s a must: Clavister InCenter Cloud was launched to empower each IT administrator and manager to see the threat activity and network traffic under their responsibility. It helps them understand the needs for optimization to enhance the user experience as well as protect them better. But it’s still a hassle—communicating towards the CEO with complex graphs and data tables is not easy—while at the same time executives and even boards are more and more taking an active interest in knowing their business is secured well.

Clavister’s CyberSecurity ScoreCard—a new function in every Clavister InCenter installation—solves exactly this. It provides one holistic overview of your protection status and scores this with a simple comparable visualization from A to F. Split into 6 categories it shows you where you have the weakest protection and based on our 22+ years of experience in the cybersecurity field, the solution gives you a top list of actions to take in order to improve. It will tell you what feature you should be using, but aren’t yet… or what optimization is needed to provide better protection. Because that’s just it, IT administrators benefit from seeing quickly where to put their focus, and after making changes show the impact of their efforts to their superiors in a simple manner.

IT managers, you know: Security is a cat and mouse game, there is always a need to improve your setup. The days that you install a firewall and hope it works well are over—now you will be able to see how protected you are, and what you need to do in order to improve. When new firmwares are released and you’re not upgrading, you’ll notice it in your score. If too many people bypass authentication and access policies, you’ll see it. If new devices are added to the network with deviating behavior from the normal ones, it will get flagged. And best of all, when your complete work to make improvements—you can with a simple but powerful score show your progress. You can make your leadership teams feel at easy. First you secure, then you score!

Welcome to Clavister CyberSecurity ScoreCard, try it today in Clavister InCenter Cloud.