3 in 5 Organisations Prioritising European-produced Cybersecurity, new Clavister Survey Shows

3 in 5 Organisations Prioritising European-produced Cybersecurity, new Clavister Survey Shows

November 9, 2022 – Örnsköldsvik, Sweden – Clavister, a leader in European cybersecurity solutions for mission-critical applications, has published a new market survey report, finding that 60% of organisations see European-produced cybersecurity as important to their business.

Clavister collaborated with Coleman Parkes Research to conduct a market survey in September 2022 and reached out to 500 organisations, spanning public sector, energy & utilities, retail and SMBs. The report summarises their responses and provides an insight into the current state of Europe’s cyber security, its readiness to support hybrid working, and changing technology requirements since the Russian war on Ukraine.

Key findings from Clavister’s research include:

  • Only 1 in 3 organisations think that they are currently in a strong position to secure their hybrid/remote workers.
  • In 2022 alone, a third of organisations have made changes to their secure stack/infrastructure while a further half are planning to invest in cyber security technologies.
  • 66% of energy & utilities providers said that they have re-evaluated their security posture and are looking to enhance cyber security coverage.
  • Cloud-delivered cyber security is growing quickly, with half of surveyed organisations saying that they are already opting for cloud-based approach.
  • 81% of public sector organisation are either actively considering or will consider a ‘defence in depth/ layered security’ approach to improve their risk coverage.

The research showed that businesses and decision makers across the board are beginning to take seriously the changing requirements of this new era. Whether this be on the importance of cyber security products and services originating in Europe or taking heed of the advantages of Zero Trust and cloud-based security, steps are being taken towards re-evaluating businesses’ approaches towards cyber.

The European Investment Bank recently published a report highlighting the need to develop an independent European cyber security ecosystem, warning about current investment gaps in products and solutions across the board. The EU has also recognised that digital sovereignty is going to be one of the strategic differentiators in the near future and that Europe needs to bolster investment to grow its cyber security presence.

John Vestberg, CEO of Clavister, said: “Due to the current geopolitical climate and growing cyber threats facing businesses, we are seeing a marked shift in attitude towards the speed of investment in this arena from European businesses – at the same time, deploying solutions of European origin is also rapidly growing in importance and rising up organisations’ lists of priorities.

Clearly, European organisations face a new landscape of cyber security today – and that this will have long-term repercussions. It’s important to remember that cyber threats do not only affect our devices and work, but also have an impact on our overall society. I expect cyber security awareness and risk perception to spread wider in 2022 and beyond, especially within Europe, given the new geo-political dynamics at play.”

Read the full report, ‘A New Era of European Cyber Defence’, here: https://www.clavister.com/european-cybersecurity-survey/


About Clavister

Clavister is a specialised European cybersecurity company, protecting mission-critical businesses for over 25 years. Founded and headquartered in Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, Clavister pioneered one of the first firewalls and continues to build robust and adaptive cybersecurity solutions since. Empowering a growing ecosystem of partners and resellers, we have been serving European customers with 125,000+ deployments across public sector, service providers and defence sectors. Network, cloud, mobile, end points – we secure them all.

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About The Research

This survey was conducted by Coleman Parkes Research in September-October 2022 and targeted 500 cybersecurity decision-makers in Europe in organisations with more than 50 employees, focusing on public sector, energy & utilities, retail and SMBs.

About Coleman Parkes Research

Coleman Parkes Research is a full-service B2B market research agency specialising in IT/technology studies, targeting senior decision makers in SMB to large and enterprises across multiple sectors globally.

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