Clavister Launches CyberSecurity ScoreCard: Simplified Actionable Security Analytics

Clavister Launches CyberSecurity ScoreCard: Simplified Actionable Security Analytics

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, February 12, 2020. Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announces CyberSecurity ScoreCard, a new offering to meet the growing complexity of IT security for enterprises, schools, government and critical infrastructures. What all these organizations have in common is that more and more non-technical people are taking an interest in what level of protection their organization has, how cyber safe they are… or aren’t. IT managers struggle to communicate effectively with leaderships teams and CEOs that request an easy and understandable format to know such level of protection. Now with Clavister CyberSecurity ScoreCard, they have what they need.

Clavister CyberSecurity ScoreCard is the ideal communication tool to see the status of IT security for a business to ensure business continuity. Broken down in six distinct categories, scoring each from A to F along with an overall score and a threat level, an instant overview of the protection status is provided to the IT manager. But the tool doesn’t stop there. Data is individually broken down into details, comparable over time and across locations and—by using artificial intelligence data, configuration information and rulesets the solution makes suggestions for improvements. It even puts them in priority order on what makes most impact to fix first. IT managers will gain actionable insights to put funds and efforts where they matter the most.

“More than 22 years of focus on IT and Network security has taught us what is needed to protect a business well,” said Johan Edlund, Chief Marketing & Products Officer of Clavister. “It not only includes good perimeter security but also solid multi-factor user authentication, advanced threat protection and device awareness. Our CyberSecurity ScoreCard measures it all.”

The Clavister CyberSecurity ScoreCard includes six categories: Protection, Health, Behavior, Users, Connection and Devices. The intelligence is collected from the security infrastructure in dimensions including configuration data, actively polling status, external reference data, aggregated statistics and single events. Data is analyzed and scored daily to clearly show what level protection the current situation is giving.

“IT managers are struggling to communicate the status of their security infrastructure to their business executives. They require something simple and pedagogical showing the impact of improvements visualized over time,” states Thomas Vasen, Commercial Solutions Manager at Clavister. “The solution is also ideal for Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) who have an obligation to show their clients the level of protection they receive and how it’s evolving.”

Offered both as-a-Service as part of Clavister InCenter Cloud and on-prem with Clavister InCenter; the CyberSecurity ScoreCard is easy to implement and free of charge for any Clavister product with a Clavister Security Subscription (CSS), ensuring fast insights for customers with deployments of any size and requiring minimum time to get started.

The offering is available in beta from today and existing users of Clavister InCenter will find their systems upgraded automatically to support the new functionality.

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