New cOS Core 13.00.05 Release Includes TLS 1.3

New cOS Core 13.00.05 Release Includes TLS 1.3

The latest release of operating software supports the latest industry’s SSL standard for increased cybersecurity and best in class encryption.

Örnsköldsvik, Sweden, June 3, 2020. Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, announces its latest Continuous Improvement release to its cOS Core platform.
This release has, as its main feature, support for the new TLS 1.3 standard, the latest industry’s standard for SSL encryption. TLS 1.3 has improved its performance and features by reducing the number of round-trips when performing a full encryption handshake. This reduces encryption latency by one-half.

The TLS 1.3 standard is enabled by default connections to the onboard Web GUI, for SSL VPN connections with compatible products. In addition Clavister NetWall can act as a TLS terminator where we terminate the TLS 1.3 connection on the firewall and establishing a plaintext connection forward to for example a web server. This use-case called “Secure Server Protection” provides great benefits in cost effectively scaling the web-server farm while at the same time enable inspection of traffic for malicious threats. The “Secure Server Protection” use-case can be combined with “Server Load Balancing” in order to effectively distribute the secure access request over a set of servers.

With version 13.00.05 all Clavister NetWall Next Generation Firewalls will see an increased benefit and security from its encryption engine and capabilities.

Additional features in 13.00.05
• Upgraded and more secure SSL cipher suites
• Update Center information over the REST API
• Updated GeoIP and Ethernet Vendor Databases
• Defect fixes

Both Desktop Rack and Virtual versions are upgraded with the same functionality and support all the same use-cases.
For more info about the use-cases:
Secure Server Protection
Server Load Balancing

For more information, contact
Mattias Nordlund
Product Manager

Please see the full release notes on MyClavister
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