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The Art of Cyberwar

2 500 years ago, the general and military strategist Sun Tzu wrote the book The Art of War. It is a classic book on military strategy which is still being referenced at military schools around the world.   Let’s reflect on what has changed since then. Are Sun Tzu’s wisdoms still relevant? One major difference is technology and weapons, which of course…
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World Password Day Signals Perfect Time to Reveal Clavister EasyAccess 3.2

Each year on the first Thursday in May, World Password Day promotes better password habits. Passwords are critical gatekeepers of our digital identities, allowing us to access online shopping, dating, banking, social media, private work, and life communications. Passwords are critical to our digital life, yet we are extremely poor at remembering good versions of them.…
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How to Remote Work Like a Boss

With remote working becoming our new normal, there are a few things you need to do to be safe and effective. Some professions like nurses, firefighters, mailmen and clerks will not be able to change to a ”work-from-home” mode as the world around us changes. However, a large number of us have the luxury to…
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How Tech Will Beat COVID-19

With medical research desperately searching for a cure to the Corona crisis, what may be our best hope in the meantime is for technology to save the day. Here’s how… By now we’ve all become almost fatigued with the news cycle’s daily curves that grimly tell the tale of our times. That the COVID-19 virus…
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How protected are you?

From the biggest banks to your company’s network, having an overview of security helps you see the obvious points of exploitation. The Antwerpen Diamond Center was supposed to be impenetrable. The vault itself was protected by ten impregnable layers of security including magnetic, light and heat sensors; infrared motion detectors and seismic detection warnings as…
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Looking Into The Future: Trends in Identity & Access Management

Identity & Access Management is a very hot segment of the market right now. Specifically access management—as everyone has truly come to the understanding that passwords are our biggest enemy—is racing to remove them. But IAM is much more than that—it combines key areas: Secure Authentication —facilitating the multi-factor authentication in a user-friendly way, Network…
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Efficient operations—Using Security Analytics to optimize your user’s experience 

Efficiency often means synergies and savings. It means making good use of resources—both operational manpower, bandwidth and energy—but also time and effort. Running an efficient network is a big challenge as it requires the administrator to take tight control of each packet, analyze it and take appropriate action. It’s tempting for an IT administrator to use the…
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What you don’t know, does hurt you!

You can read about cyberattacks in the news almost every day. Security is on top of the agenda at most companies across all industries but how do you know your protection status?   Security is complex and it’s no surprise that analytics plays an important role. It’s common to have limited or siloed visibility to what’s happening across…
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Security NFV

Clavister’s Keynote at SDN NFV World Congress – 2019

In the end of October Clavister had the opportunity to present a keynote at the SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands. We delivered a pitch on Elastic Secure SD-WAN – an emerging way to deliver security use-cases.

FBI Warns of Multi Factor Authentication SMSs Being Vulnerable

Instead, they advise Biometrics as the new base line for authentication. Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) has been under attack recently by prominent government instances. The American FBI issued a firm warning to enterprises that MFA with OTP SMS is not as safe as it appears to be with wide press coverage in media such as and…
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