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Move Over GDPR, NIS is the Gorilla in the Room

The new acronym has a far greater impact for cybersecurity than the privacy focused GDPR act. The legislative armageddon known as the General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is fast approaching this May with the financial consequences for non-compliance (up to 4 percent of worldwide total) causing a fair amount of justified alarm. But however important that…
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A breach of (public) trust?

Two massive political fallouts—one European, one Asian—show that the tolerance for data mishandling is zero. And when GDPR arrives, the repercussions will be financial as well. This week, the Swedish government barely managed to survive one its most serious challenges. A vote of no confidence was mounted against three ministers by the opposition that—in normal…
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Another shot across the World War 3.0 bow?

The expulsion and impending sanctions against Russia for cyberattacks on the 2016 presidential election make the new Cold War a few degrees hotter It’s yet another development of World War 3.0 – the slow and steady march of nation state sponsored cyber conflict, as entities hit against digital and even critical infrastructures. US president Obama’s…
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