Clavister’s Keynote at SDN NFV World Congress – 2019

Clavister’s Keynote at SDN NFV World Congress – 2019

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In the end of October, Clavister had the opportunity to present a keynote at Layer123’s SDN NFV World Congress in The Hague, The Netherlands, one of the most important fairs on the calendar for communication service providers and network virtualization.

Clavister’s commercial solution manager, Thomas Vasen, delivered a pitch on Elastic Secure SD-WAN—an emerging way to deliver security use-cases. Traditionally enterprises have had NGFW systems to run most of the relevant security use-cases—really as a necessity, because plain, unprotected internet from operators is not a usable product. Service Providers are innovating and moving up the value chain providing secure connectivity—SD-WAN—as well as hosted firewall services too. They do this using universal CPEs (customer provided equipment) and picking specific VNFs to run the use-cases relevant for that customer. This enables a modular product that can be supplied by multiple VNF vendors creating a best of breed CPE and security solutions.

However, as more VNFs are put in the universal CPE, and traffic increases and the requirements on this hardware spirals upwards unsustainably. To both enable low cost CPEs— on Intel and even disruptive ARM CPU architectures—service providers must break up the traditional NGFW use-cases and run them from different places. One or two might be required to run in the Universal CPE—a few dependent on low latency connectivity can be running in the Edge Cloud platforms while those protecting internet connectivity can be placed in datacenter clouds a bit further away from the customer. This split of use-cases over a range of cloud locations—but working in harmony providing essentially the same NGFW experience but scalable—is what we call Elastic Secure SD-WAN.


Have a look at the video from the presentation by Thomas Vasen here:

Keynote Speaker Thomas Vasen at Layer 123

A copy of the slides used can be found here:


Read more about Elastic Secure SD-WAN in this whitepaper:

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NGFW – Next Generation FireWall
SD-WAN – Software Defined Wide Area Networking
CPE – Customer Premises Equipment – proprietary equipment’s placed at the customer site
uCPE – Universal Customer Premises Equipment – equipment placed at the customer open to run VNFs with other software functions.
VNF – Virtual Network Function
NFV – Network Function Virtualization
SDN – Software Defined Networking