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Is MFA the MSSP enabler you have been waiting for?

Security is complex—customers need help and where do they get it? They  typically turn to their local trusted party, their IT partner. Those trusted parties are the competent resellers all over the world: the ones who advise, who install and configure the security solutions and serve as the trusted advisor for what to do next.…
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Identity is the New Perimeter

Networks are not what they used to be. Since the introduction of the firewall as the #1 security product to protect your business the world’s ways of working have evolved, massively. Firstly, depending on culture and country, remote working has become very common and employees expect the same access to services outside the office as…
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The Bjorn Borg Effect, Sweden and Tech Unicorns

How tech companies like Spotify, Skype, Clavister and others show why Sweden has the perfect conditions for tech incubation Sweden is amazing for many reasons, its healthy lifestyle and population, its incredible nature and open expanses and its open-minded Nordic attitudes. What might come as a surprise though is that it’s also a tech superpower,…
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The Threat of the East

Once upon a time, state sponsored surveillance and privacy threats were the domain of the West. But as Chinese telecom infrastructure vendor Huawei shows, Asia is emerging as a formidable threat to our businesses.