Clavister Awarded EU and US Patent for Shaping Network Traffic

Clavister Awarded EU and US Patent for Shaping Network Traffic

30 April 2021 – Örnsköldsvik, Sweden – Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, today announces that it has been awarded a patent for shaping of traffic in computer networks.

The invention solves the problem on how to prioritize processing of network traffic flows that are too resource intensive for a single processor core to handle. It also allows prioritization of low resource network traffic flows over network traffic flows that consume the majority of the total resource capacity of the system.

The patented technology will be incorporated in Clavister’s high-performing, carrier-grade firewall software, which is being used today, among others, in 5G security deployments. With the invention, Clavister will be able to provide higher security capacity for 5G networks, thereby reducing the total cost for the operators.

“At the heart of Clavister is a highly innovative engineering culture, constantly pushing for being at the forefront of technology. I’m proud to see that the efforts of our engineers also get officially recognized in the form of an EU-wide and US patent,” said John Vestberg, CEO at Clavister.

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