Clavister Products Deployed in Large Transportation and Performance Venue Critical Infrastructure in Japan

Clavister Products Deployed in Large Transportation and Performance Venue Critical Infrastructure in Japan


Clavister, a leader in high-performance cybersecurity solutions, announces that two large scale infrastructure projects in Japan will have their WiFi security protected by the company’s products.

A large railway operator has decided to use Clavister for their networks which have recently started to offer complimentary Wi-Fi to passengers. The customer purchased 10 clusters of Clavister’s high-end security gateways which they’ll deploy and use to initiate the service this year. The second phase of the project will introduce Clavister products as their WiFi security component. All projects will use Clavister’s traffic management features to achieve Quality-of-Service as the primary use case.

For the public venue project, Clavister W50 appliances will be used to secure the WiFi as well as authentication and other aspects of gaining online access.

“These projects are extremely exciting for us to be involved in, we’re extremely proud that MIRAIT has helped such prestigious, well known and important companies secure their network. And of course, that we can implement Clavister as the technology with confidence is very valuable to us, knowing those customers and their guests will get the best protection and value-added service on offer,” says Koji Aoyama, Managing Director of Solution Business, MIRAIT, Clavister’s reseller partner in Japan.

“Once again, Clavister shows its superior innovations and customer solutions are a winning combination,” states Toshiya Masuzawa Executive Manager, Senior Vice President at NTTBP.

Clavister’s Sales Director of Japan, Shinobu Farnlof, concurs. “We’re very fortunate to have clients like NTTBP introducing our products with such passion to such premium customers. I’m very happy to have such a satisfied customer and one that is helping us grow our market share in Japan,” she states.

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