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Move Over GDPR, NIS is the Gorilla in the Room

By Thomas Vasen  /  2018-01-04
The new acronym has a far greater impact for cybersecurity than the privacy focused GDPR act. The legislative armageddon known...
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Of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: how cybersecurity needs to know the value of each to get the best of both

By Thomas Vasen  /  2017-08-27
Recent discussions within the security community point to a need to understand this two fields to apply them effectively. The...
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A breach of (public) trust?

By Thomas Vasen  /  2017-07-28
Two massive political fallouts—one European, one Asian—show that the tolerance for data mishandling is zero. And when GDPR arrives, the...
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Another shot across the World War 3.0 bow?

By Thomas Vasen  /  2017-01-02
The expulsion and impending sanctions against Russia for cyberattacks on the 2016 presidential election make the new Cold War a...
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