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Seeing the Wolf in the Herd: Analytics In the Age of Ransomware

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-12-31
In 2019, one of the most severe ransomware attacks ever reported happened to a Scandanavian aluminium supplier, costing almost €75...
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Will Artificial Intelligence improve security in 2020?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are two of the most hyped buzzwords in the last few years. Will...
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Efficient operations—Using Security Analytics to optimize your user’s experience 

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-12-10
Efficiency often means synergies and savings. It means making good use of resources—both operational manpower, bandwidth and energy—but also time...
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Follow the breadcrumbs

Like the story of Hansel and Gretel, following the small bits of information is often the way to find your way home,...
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What you don’t know, does hurt you!

You can read about cyberattacks in the news almost every day. Security is on top of the agenda at most...
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Clavister’s Keynote at SDN NFV World Congress – 2019

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-11-11
In the end of October Clavister had the opportunity to present a keynote at the SDN NFV World Congress in...
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FBI Warns of Multi Factor Authentication SMSs Being Vulnerable

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-10-31
Instead, they advise Biometrics as the new base line for authentication. Multi-Factor-Authentication (MFA) has been under attack recently by prominent...
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The Future of Network Security Is in the Cloud – Introducing Elastic Secure SD-WAN

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-10-25
Security needs are evolving quickly. Twenty years ago, it was enough with a firewall at your network door—ten years ago...
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Smart Networks with Edge Computing – How to Achieve Robust Security?

Some datacenter functions are moving closer to the user, to the edge of the networks. Welcome to the world of...
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Is 5G more secure than 4G?

It’s a fact: there’s a growing buzz around 5G right now as carriers start to launch their first services. But...
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Empower users with more than MFA

We all know that Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is the foundation of good perimeter security—but it’s often perceived as cumbersome...
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Reflections on Identity and Automation from Gartner’s Security Summit

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-09-20
The recent Gartner summit in London pointed to one inescapable conclusion: Authentication is the hottest topic in security. Businesses have...
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Is MFA the MSSP enabler you have been waiting for?

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-09-18
Security is complex—customers need help and where do they get it? They  typically turn to their local trusted party, their...
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Identity is the New Perimeter

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-09-13
Networks are not what they used to be. Since the introduction of the firewall as the #1 security product to...
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The Bjorn Borg Effect, Sweden and Tech Unicorns

By Jenny Ramkrans, Chief of Staff  /  2019-09-05
How tech companies like Spotify, Skype, Clavister and others show why Sweden has the perfect conditions for tech incubation Sweden...
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The Threat of the East

By Thomas Vasen  /  2019-08-16
Once upon a time, state sponsored surveillance and privacy threats were the domain of the West. But as Chinese telecom...
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Writing Security Policies, the Impossible Mission

By Thomas Vasen  /  2018-11-19
Security policies are an essential ingredient to any successful security strategy, some might even argue that policies are the most...
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Move Over GDPR, NIS is the Gorilla in the Room

By Thomas Vasen  /  2018-01-04
The new acronym has a far greater impact for cybersecurity than the privacy focused GDPR act. The legislative armageddon known...
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Of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning: how cybersecurity needs to know the value of each to get the best of both

By Thomas Vasen  /  2017-08-27
Recent discussions within the security community point to a need to understand this two fields to apply them effectively. The...
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A breach of (public) trust?

By Thomas Vasen  /  2017-07-28
Two massive political fallouts—one European, one Asian—show that the tolerance for data mishandling is zero. And when GDPR arrives, the...
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