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The Benefits of AI in the Modern Cybersecurity Landscape

By Nils Undén / 2023-12-08
The threat map of the modern cybersecurity landscape is rapidly changing, especially now with the rise of AI on both...
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Defence Cyber Security – Moving Beyond DIY

By Neena Sharma / 2023-06-30
The field of cyber security is growing rapidly, and the demand for skilled professionals is skyrocketing. Success in the cyber...
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Cyber security challenges for the energy utilities sector

By Neena Sharma / 2023-05-17
The energy utilities sector is considered critical national infrastructure, which makes it a tempting target for both cyber criminals and...
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What Zero Trust Network Access (ZTNA) is and why businesses need it

By Neena Sharma / 2023-05-05
The need for robust cyber security has never been higher than it is today. Almost every day news outlets write...
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European Public Sector caught in the War Against Ransomware

By Neena Sharma / 2023-03-22
Public sector organisations hold vast amount of sensitive citizens’ data and are facing increased intensity of cyber threats post Russia-Ukraine...
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MWC Round-up and Where Does Cyber Security Stand?

By Neena Sharma / 2023-03-09
Mobile World Congress (MWC) in Barcelona is a week of excitement in the world of connectivity. It is a week...
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Upgrading your firewall? Here’s everything you need to know

By Clavister / 2023-02-02
Time to Upgrade Your Firewall   Chances are that you already have a firewall but if you have been following the...
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A New Era of European Cyber Defence – looking ahead to 2023

By Clavister / 2022-12-15
The increase in hybrid working, a more global workforce and the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war have led to a new era...
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What is security delivered as a cloud service and why is it important alongside your next-generation firewall (NGFW)?

By Clavister / 2022-12-02
Security delivered as a cloud service is a collection of security measures which are designed to protect cloud-based infrastructure, web...
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Next Generation Firewalls – an overview

By Clavister / 2022-11-04
The list of potential cyber threats facing businesses is growing in size and severity almost daily, so securing your network...
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It’s high time for Nordic cybersecurity, but improving education and risk awareness is key

By Clavister / 2022-07-19
During the ongoing war in Ukraine, reports have surfaced detailing the threat of sophisticated cyberattacks on businesses throughout the Nordic...
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Who holds the keys to your network?

By Clavister / 2022-03-08
The doors to today's IT systems and networks are protected with advanced locks, such as firewalls and other cybersecurity solutions....
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Clavister’s NetWall 100V achieves ICSA Labs Network IPS Certification

By Clavister / 2022-02-25
Following the latest ICSA Labs Network Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) security certification test cycle, we are pleased to announce that...
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Cyber battle is the new ‘ruse de guerre’ – are your military vehicles ready?

By Clavister / 2022-02-04
Stefan Brodin, Head of Defence, and Neena Sharma, Product Marketing, explain why traditional armor is no longer enough and why...
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Data Privacy Day – Awareness is only the beginning

By Clavister / 2022-01-27
Privacy is becoming an ever-present word in our vocabularies as we consider the magnitude of data that is now stored...
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2022: An evolving cybersecurity landscape

By Clavister / 2021-12-17
As we move to the conclusion of 2021, CEO John Vestberg takes a look at the cybersecurity trends he sees...
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Another day, another data leak: Fortinet and the security lessons learned

By Clavister / 2021-11-24
In September this year, network security solutions provider Fortinet, suffered a data leak which exposed VPN login names and passwords....
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The top three priorities companies should consider when planning a cybersecurity strategy

By Clavister / 2021-10-20
If the past year has taught us anything, it’s that no corners can be cut when it comes to cybersecurity...
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John Vestberg’s thoughts provide a beacon of clarity through JBS ransomware attack

By Clavister / 2021-08-05
In June 2021, JBS, the world’s largest meat production firm, was subject to a huge ransomware attack which impacted customers...
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The Devil’s in the Details

The 5G Huawei ban is not enough. To protect our networks and critical infrastructure from harm, far more needs to...
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