Security Use Cases


securely connecting sites to each other and to the internet with focus on security and reliability.


to provide inspecting of traffic and behaviour for threats in order to protect your digital assets.


to take pro-active action and take preventative measures reducing the risk of users making mistakes putting your business at risk.

Below is a list of use cases within the security areas. If you need more information, don’t hesitate to get in touch

Connect Protect Prevent
Reliable Secure VPN Reliable Secure VPN
Connecting branch offices and remote locations securely and cost effectively
Firewalling Firewalling
Network perimeter protection securing IT resources and users
Application Visibility & Control Application Visibility & Control
Control applications and user behaviour to optimize network resource usage
Routing & Load Balancing Routing & Load Balancing
Avoid downtime and secure business continuity with redundancy
Network Attack Protection Network Attack Protection
Intrusion detection and prevention system, GeoIP restrictions and denial of service protection
Web Content Filtering Web Content Filtering
Restrict access to inappropriate content and high risk sites
Secure Network Zones Secure Network Zones
Network segmentation to protect company’s digital assets
Antivirus Scanning Antivirus Scanning
Streaming scanning of attachments in mail, web and file downloads for malicious content
Active Traffic Optimisation Active Traffic Optimisation
Traffic prioritisation securing preferred use of resources
Server Load Balancing Server Load Balancing
Simplifying scaling and allowing preventive maintenance
End-user Device Security End-user Device Security
Blocking threats and detecting data loss at endpoint devices
Multi-Factor Authentication Multi-Factor Authentication
One platform ensuring authenticity of end-users for Cloud/ Web apps, VPN’s etc.
Secure Remote Access Secure Remote Access
Empowering remote workers and devices with flexible secure access
Control Signaling Validation Control Signalling Validation
Gateway function for specific signaling validation including DNS, SIP, GTP and SCTP
Password Self Service Password Self Service
Empower end users to manage corporate passwords
Single Sign-On Single Sign-On
One quick secure login to your apps, VPNs and cloud services
Secure Server Protection Secure Server Protection
Server traffic decryption for full inspection of inbound traffic
Botnet Blocking Botnet Blocking
Block outgoing and incoming traffic of known botnet sources through IP Reputation intelligence
Resilient Interconnect Connectivity Resilient Interconnect Connectivity
Interconnection with Border Gateway Routing (BGP) for carrier independence
Encrypted Traffic Inspection Encrypted Traffic Inspection
SSL Inspection to look inside untrusted secure traffic
Carrier Grade NAT Carrier Grade NAT
High performance IPv4 – IPv6 network address translation
Sandboxing Sandboxing
Contained detonation of suspected attachments and downloads

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